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127 South Street, Suite 2, Oyster Bay, NY 11771 Phone: (516) 922-3000

Business Law

Starting a business is complicated, whether it is a simple sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company. There are issues of your personal financial responsibilities if things should go wrong, and it is important to understand, up front, the manner in which your business will be taxed. Each type of business entity you create for your business has pros and cons, some are more expensive to form and maintain than others. Some are best suited tax wise for your particular business. Beware internet based programs such as legal zoom. While the price may appear attractive, in our experience, you may end up making the wrong decision and forming an entity that is not optimal for your needs. Also, the charges they charge for their particular services, are often more than the legal fees we charge for those particular services.

Hutchinson & Hutchinson, P.C. can help you with you small to medium sized business needs. Whether it is the formation and organization of a new Corporation or Limited Liability Company, or the reorganization of your existing company. We have many years of experience forming, reorganizing and counseling small to medium sized businesses. We can also offer guidance, making sure that you are in compliance with State and Local Laws pertaining to your particular business, identifying the requirements and helping you secure the necessary permits and approvals. We know that starting a business can be difficult, so why not leave the technical requirements to the professionals, so you can focus on what is important in making you business a success.